The Prettyboy Recreation Council is a volunteer organization that works with the Baltimore County Recreation and Parks to provide organized recreational activities throughout the year for the families of the Prettyboy Community. Meetings are held the 2nd

, Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Recreation Room which is also used on a daily basis for the Homebase Program. Each activity is organized through a chairperson who coordinates the program through the Prettyboy Recreation Council and the Baltimore County Recreation and Parks staff person. The Council uses the website to distribute the newsletter to families.

Volunteers are the only way the recreation council and the programs can operate. Volunteers are needed throughout the year to make these programs work. Consider volunteering as a coach, a chairperson, an officer of the recreation council, or a worker in the concession stand.

These programs are recreational programs for all the families of the Prettyboy Elementary School Community. Volunteer for your children and all the children of the community.

New Programs welcome

Concession Stand now OPEN for Baseball and Softball season!! Special thank you's to Wiseburg UMC

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 Contact us at prettyboyrecc@gmail.com 


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