Adopted: September 1976

Amended April 1996

Amended March 2000

Adopted December 2000







Article I

-Name and Area-


Section I.          The name of this organization shall be the PRETTYBOY RECREATION COUNCIL.


Section II.        The principal office shall be located in the Hereford High School Recreation Center.


Section III.       The PRETTYBOY RECREATION COUNCIL area is bounded on the north by the Mason-Dixon Line, on the West by the Baltimore-Carroll County Line, on the south from the point of Graves Run intersecting the Carroll County line heading in an easterly direction following Graves Run to Prettyboy Reservoir to Gunpowder Falls to a point where Gunpowder Falls crosses the Baltimore Harrisburg Expressway, and on the east by the Baltimore Harrisburg Expressway heading north to the point where Little Falls crosses the Expressway and the following Little Falls and Bee Tree Run north to the Mason-Dixon Line.


Article II

-Purpose and Authority of the Council-


Section I.          This organization has been formed for charitable purposes:


(a)         To formulate policies, advise, recommend, promote and maintain public recreation affairs in this community in cooperation with the Baltimore County Board and Department of Recreation and Parks and the Baltimore County Board of Education, in accordance with the laws and agreements governing public recreation in Baltimore County and the state of Maryland.


(b)        To build the public recreation programs in and about the public schools, grounds, and facilities by identifying it with all public and private organizations having to do with public welfare, education, family relations and solution of youth problems.


(c)         To offer leadership in coordinating and correlating all those activities of a recreational nature in the community to obtain maximum benefit for the citizens of this community.


(d)        To conduct a public recreation program, making use of the physical properties available in this area.


(e)         To provide recreational and creative activity for the residents within the area defined above without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin.


(f)          This council will not as a substantial part of its activities, attempt to influence legislation, or participate to any extent in a political campaign for or against any candidate for political office.


Section II.        The authority of the PRETTYBOY RECREATION COUNCIL is derived from its affiliation (as stated in Article II, Section I (a) – with the Baltimore County Board of Recreation and Parks, and the Baltimore County School Board, both of which are organizations established by state and local law.



-Membership and Voting-


Section I.          Membership shall be open to all residents (18 years and older) of the area served by the PRETTYBOY RECREATION COUNCIL, all families who have children attending Prettyboy Elementary School Recreation Center and all families who participate in Prettyboy Recreation Council activities.


Section II.        The Council shall be governed by Roberts Rules, as amended.


SectionIII.        Voting privileges for all members shall be as stipulated in the By-Laws.


Section IV.       Executive Committee membership shall be restricted to the officers enumerated in Article IV of the constitution and the Chairperson of the standing committees enumerated in the By-Laws. Chairpersons of special committees may be made members of the Executive Committee for the duration of the special committee function by simple majority of the Executive Committee.  Local school principals and Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks representatives are ex-officio members of this committee, as is the immediate past president of the Council.

Section V.        People of the community are invited to present their views which shall be referred to the proper committee.  These people shall be allowed no voting privileges unless they comply with stated voting requirements as specified in the bylaws.





Section I.          Officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.


Section II.        All officers shall be elected by ballot at the August meeting and shall continue in office for one (1) year starting with the August meeting. 


Section III.       Vacancies in office shall be filled by appointment by the President.  In case of a vacancy in the Presidency, the Vice-President automatically becomes President.  A new Vice-President shall be elected at the next regularly constituted meeting of the Council with approval of the Executive Committee.  (Missing four (4) consecutive monthly meetings constitutes a vacancy.)


Section IV.       Removal of officers shall be initiated by petition of the membership and approved by two-thirds majority of the voting membership other than a removal by a vacancy.



-Duties of Officers-


                        The duties of the officers shall be as follows:


Section I.          (A)       PRESIDENT


1.      Call the meeting to order at the appointed time.

2.      Preside and maintain order at all meetings.

3.      Announce the buisness in its proper order.

4.      State all questions and put them to a vote.

5.      Announce the results of every vote and the next business in order.

6.      Be impartial in assigning the floor.

7.      Protect the rights of each member.

8.      Shall appoint chairpersons of all standing committees at the September meeting.

9.      Appoint and dissolve committees as needed.

10.  Is exofficio member of all committees.


Section II.            (B)            VICE-PRESIDENT

1.      If the office of President is vacated for any reason, the Vice-President becomes President for the unexpired term.

2.      Have charge of special departments of work, as assigned.

3.      Shall preside in the absence of the President.

4.      Shall be Chairperson of the Ways and Means committee.


Section III.            (C)            CORRESPONDING SECRETARY

1.      Notify members of scheduled and special meetings.

2.      Distribute such mailings as the Executive Committee or Council may direct.

3.      Handle such correspondence as the Executive Committee and/or Council may direct.

4.      Backup to recording secretary.

5.      Notify chairpersons of their duty to attend regular meetings if they were absent from regular meetings.


Section IV.            (D)            RECORDING SECRETARY

1.      Keep minutes of all regular meetings and special meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Council.

2.      Keep register of the membership and the Executive Committee membership.

3.      Keep record of the attendance to support voting rights as specified in the bylaws.

4.      Backup to corresponding secretary.


Section V.            (E)            TREASURER

1.      Receive, safely keep and disburse all funds of the organization in accordance with the financial policy of the council as contained in article II of the bylaws.

2.      Submit monthly report of receipts and disbursements at the regular meetings.

3.      Keep records in order to present to the Council financial report for the fiscal year.


Section VI.            Executive Board will consist of all officers and standing committee chairpersons.






Section I.          Amendments to the constitution shall be presented to Council in writing one (1) month prior to being submitted to a vote and then to Baltimore County Board of Recreation and Parks for final approval.  Two-thirds majority of voting membership is required for passage.





Section I.          Amendments to the bylaws shall be presented to Council in writing one (1) month prior to being submitted to a vote.  By-Laws may be amended by simple majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting.





Section I.          Should this council be dissolved, its assets must be distributed either to another recreation council, another organization exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code, or the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks.


BY-LAWS of the







Section I.          Regular meetings shall be held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Committee. A regular meeting will be held every month except July.  Five voting members of the Council constitute a quorum for regular meetings.


Section II         Executive Committee meetings will be held one week prior to the regular meetings. Three members of the Executive Board constitute a quorum for Executive Board meetings.


Section III.       Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President or his representative at any time deemed desirable or necessary.  Executive Committee members, shall be notified in advance of the meeting, as to the time, place and business to be discussed at said meeting.


Section IV.       Meetings will be held at the Prettyboy Elementary School Recreation Center, unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Committee.




Fiscal Year


Section I


            The fiscal year of this organization shall run from September 1 of a calendar year through August 31 of the succeeding calendar year.


Financial Policies


            An annual budget shall be formulated in the following manner:


(a)         Activity chairpersons shall present a Projected Budget for the coming year prior to September 1 (beginning of fiscal year).  This budget shall itemize all anticipated income and expenditures. Chairperson/Commissioner shall present a final budget at the closure of their program.  This budget should balance all income and expenditures with the Treasurer report.  Any discrepancies shall be brought to the attention of the treasurer and bookkeeper.


(b)        Projected and Final Program budgets shall be reviewed and approved by the Chairperson/Commissioner and then submitted to the Executive Board.


(c)         An annual budget shall be formulated by the Executive Board based on the Chairperson/Commissioner approved budgets and other non-activity income and expenses.  This budget shall be presented for acceptance by the Council not later than the second regular meeting of the fiscal year.


(d)        The approved budget shall be the responsibility of the Council.  It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to monitor each activity account and notify the Chairpersons/Commissioners and the Council of any activity exceeding the approved projected budget.


(e)         The budget for a new or proposed program not included in the annual budget shall be submitted by the person requesting the new program in sufficient time to permit adequate review by the Chairperson/Commissioner, the Executive Board, and the Council.


(f)          All Council programs shall be assessed 10% of registration for each seasonal registration and 10 % of  routine billing for year round programs with said assessments to be applied to the General Fund to support general administrative operating expenses as well as approved council-wide projects and equipment purchases.


(g)         Fundraisers will be allowed by individual programs with the prior approval of the Executive Committee.


(h)         Individual programs may carry over their balance from one fiscal year to the next; however, the amount carried over shall be no greater than $3,000.00.  All moneys in excess of $3,000.00 shall be deposited into the Council General Fund.  Special exceptions must be approved by the Executive Board.


Section II


            There shall be one Treasury for the Prettyboy Recreation Council.


(a)         The Treasurer shall keep separate activity accounts with the Treasury.


(b)        All checks shall require the signatures of two of the five officers.


(c)         An audit of the financial records shall be made at the end of each fiscal year, and when a change in the office of Treasurer is made at any time other than a normal election.  The audit shall be performed by the Auditing Committee appointed for this purpose under Article IV, Section IV of these by-laws.  A report shall be submitted to the Council.


(d)        At the time of submission of the books for the annual audit, the Treasurer shall submit an annual report to the Council accounting for all Council receipts and expenditures for the past year.


Section III


            The operation of the Council Treasury shall be in accordance with the following:


(a)         All funds derived from activity programs shall be deposited in the Council treasury within one week of the time received in a manner prescribed by the Treasurer.  Deposits unclaimed after sixty (60) days from date deposited will be credited to the Council general fund, Special Exception must be voted on by the Executive Board.


(b)        Activity receipts not previously deposited in the Council treasury may not be used to pay council or program expenses.


(c)         All expenditures of money, property or both not approved in the annual budget shall require approval by the council.


(d)        All invoices of the Council shall be paid by check.  Payment of invoices should not be made without verification by the Director or activity chairperson of the receipt of goods or services and of the amount of the invoice.


(e)         Checks may not be issued in advance of receipt of goods or services without a written check request voucher prepared by the activity chairperson.


(f)          The Executive Board may allow an activity program and the office of President a petty cash fund not to exceed $250.  This fund may be replenished to its original amount upon the submission and approval of a petty cash report with adequate documentation to substantiate the report.


Article III

Internal Appeals Procedure


            Any person having a grievance with, or wishing to appeal a decision of, any program or aspect of the administration of the Prettyboy Recreation and Park Council shall adhere to the following steps or procedures:


(a)         Your initial step should be to resolve the grievance or appeal at the program chairperson/commissioner level.


(b)        If still dissatisfied, your grievance or appeal may be presented to the Executive Board of the Prettyboy Recreation and Parks Council.  This can be done by requesting the President to place the item on the agenda of the next Executive Board meeting.


(c)         If still dissatisfied, your grievance or appeal may be presented to the Executive Board, you may appeal to the general membership of the Council by submitting your grievance or appeal, in writing, to the Council President and requesting the item be placed on the agenda of the next regular council meeting.


(d)        Should the general membership of the council vote to support your grievance or appeal, they may direct the Executive Board to reconsider your grievance or appeal.


(e)         The decision of the Executive Board, after such action, shall be final.


The above steps are for the “Internal Appeals Procedure”; however, the Baltimore County Board of Recreation and Parks does have a provision for hearing appeals which are not able to be resolved at the Recreation Council level.






Section I.          The President shall appoint all committee chairpersons for committees before the beginning of the recreation council year.


Section II.        The chairpersons of all committees shall be expected to attend the regular meetings and be prepared to report on the activities of their committees.


Section III.       At the expiration of his appointment, each committee Chairperson shall turn over to his successor an up-to-date account of his committee’s activities and a back file of all important records and correspondence, plus recommendations for future efforts to be in turn submitted to the next Chairperson appointed to said committee for reference and aid for the activity.


Section IV.       The President shall appoint an annual Audit Committee which shall audit the Treasurer’s records as of the end of the fiscal year, and make a report at the second regular meeting of the new fiscal year.





Section I.          Members shall pay no dues.





Section I.          Voting privileges may be obtained and retained by attending a minimum of three (3) meetings in any twelve (12) month period of time and being a member. After having attended 2 meetings in any twelve month period, voting rights begin at the third meeting attended in a twelve month period.




Nomination of Officers


Section I.          The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the President at the May meeting.


Section II.        The duties of the Nominating Committee shall be:

1.      Select a list of candidates for each office.

2.      Obtain proposed candidate’s permission to place his or her name in nomination.

3.      Report at August meeting at which time nominations may be made from the floor.


Section III.       No restrictions shall be placed on the selection of nominees other than that they shall be members and residents of the Prettyboy Elementary School Recreation Center area with proper ambitions for the welfare of the PRETTYBOY RECREATION COUNCIL and its activities as well as the desire to be fully aware and carry out the duties of his or her proposed office.



Election of Officers


Section I.          Manner of Election:

                        All officers shall be elected by a majority of all votes cast for the office at this annual election during the August meeting

1.      Voting shall be by secret ballot.

2.      All voting members of the council attending the meeting shall be eligible to vote.


Section II.            Counting Votes

1.      Votes shall be counted immediately following the voting.

2.      Counting of votes shall take place at the place of voting.

3.      The counting of votes shall be done by two (2) tellers appointed at the meeting by the President.

4.      The number of votes shall be recorded and tallied at the time the official count is taken.




Statement of General and Specific Duties of Chairperson


Section I.          Duties common to all chairpersons:

1.                  Records: All chairpersons are to keep records in the following form:

                        a.                        Plans for the year and budget request.

                        b.                        Program – A running report of implementation of plans during a year.

                                                (1)  Details:

(a) Sources of supplies

(b)        Contracts

(c) Procedures

(d)        Expenditures

(e) Receipts

                        c.            Recommended plans for the following year and list of year-end inventories.

                        d.            Prepare budget estimates for Area Superintendent for the annual Board of Recreation and Parks Budget meeting (usually required June 1).  Submit to Council President.

                        e.            Take year-end inventory.


                        2.            Payment of Bills: Working within the approved budget, all bills shall be initialed by the Chairperson and submitted immediately to the Treasurer for payment.


                        3.            Registration: Chairpersons for all activities should handle registration with money received accompanying registration form so that exact records can be kept.  These funds shall be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit in the Council’s bank account.


                        4.            Participation: All chairpersons shall be present and ready to make status reports at regularly scheduled meetings – monthly.


                        5.            Publicity: Each Chairperson is responsible to make known to the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks representative any and all pertinent information regarding the committee’s activities in sufficient time for proper dissemination.  This includes information to be sent to the schools for weekly publication.


                        6.            Assistance: All chairpersons are responsible for obtaining volunteer assistance for pursuing their program. This will include chaperoning and transportation.


                        7.            Coordination: Chairpersons are to work with the Community Supervisor to coordinate activities with the school program to ensure janitorial services and payment for such services when necessary.  All chairpersons shall complete necessary permit forms for use of the school facilities. and these must be signed by the community supervisor


                        8.            Committee: Each Chairperson is responsible for calling meetings of his committee as required.


Section II.      Specific Duties for Chairpersons of Seasonal Sports (other than Baseball)

1.      Ensure agreement with County Board of Recreation and Parks on policies to be followed in sports activities.  Contact Community Supervisor.


2.      Work with Community Supervisor to secure paid leadership for activities.


3.      Work with Community Supervisor to make arrangements and draw up schedules for competitive activities with other organizations.


4.      Work within the budget and plan with paid leaders for purchases of expendable equipment.


5.      Make arrangements with Community Supervisor for storage and upkeep of all equipment.


6.      Maintain accurate roster of all participants.


7.      Maintain roster of available medical assistance.


8.      Ensure that First-Aid services and supplies are available for all sports activities.


9.      Attend all County scheduled meetings pertaining to seasonal sports.


Section III.            SPORTS PROGRAMS


This section applies to all sports programs involving the Hereford League.  Tournament and Travel Programs are not subject to the provisions of this section.


1.  Open Registration


      a. Notice of registration dates must be distributed to all children 1 to 2 weeks prior to registration in order that all children interested in participating may have the opportunity to register.


                      (1) The Hereford Office of the Department of Recreation and Parks will distribute a notice of registration for all Councils in the League.


               (2) Program Chairpersons should submit registration notice to the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks representative who will publish the in the Prettyboy Newsletter and local newspapers.


               (3)         The registration announcement should be posted on the school sign at least two weeks prior to the first registration date.


      b. Establish at least two registration dates and the provision for phone and/or mail registration.


      c.  Establish a registration cut off date at least two weeks after the last registration date.  This is necessary in order that equipment and uniforms can be ordered in a timely manner.


d.   Participants are registered regardless of skill level.  Children with medical conditions that restrict activity or who are on medication will require a release from their doctor.


      e.  As these are Prettyboy Recreation teams no recruiting of players is permitted, condoned, encouraged, or accepted.


      f. In order for a child to participate in any sport a signed registration form must be turned in.


2.   Team Selection – Commissioners for each sport are to have the team selection process approved by the Recreation Council prior to team selection occurring. A fair and equitable process is to be used to produce teams with comparable skills. The following guidelines are offered as a suggestion:


      a.  After all registrations are in and the cutoff date is past, the program Chairperson will determine the number of teams in each age group and will select the coaches from the volunteers listed on the registration forms.  Team size should be limited at this point to allow sufficient playing time for each participant.


      b.  All participants will play in their age group.  The chairperson may find it necessary to “move up” players occasionally to balance teams.  Playing “down” is only permissible with the permission of all league chairpersons.


      c.  The age determination date for each sport is determined by the league chairpersons for each sport.  This date must be established prior to registration.


      d.  The Chairperson will schedule a “Sports Day” or days early in the program.  This day will be used for player evaluation and team selection.


      e.  All participants in a gender age group along with the selected coaches for that group will meet at a specified time and for a specified period to participate in player skill level evaluations.


      f.   Players will sign in at the start of the evaluation and will be issued a number to be worn on the shirt.  Skill level evaluations will be done by referring to the players number.


      g.  Coaches will establish skill testing drills and players will participate to the best of their ability.  Coaches will evaluate each players skill level in the drills and arrive at a numerical average.


      h.  At the conclusion of the period coaches will meet and agree on a numerical rating for each player.


      i.   First pick coach is determined by a flip of a coin; subsequent order is likewise determined.  Coaches may choose players in any order they choose provided they are aware of each players skill level.


      j.   “Travel” JV and Varsity players must be evenly distributed among all teams in the age group.  If only one team can be formed it cannot have more than 50% Travel, JV, and/or Varsity Players.  If the team has a majority of these players it cannot play in the Recreation Council League but may be sponsored in a Travel League.


      k.  A player may only be on the roster of one team in the league.  Children are not permitted to play on two or more teams in the league.


      l.   It is the intention of the Recreation Council that all teams be formed in each age group with an as evenly as possible division of skill levels.  The program Chairperson is responsible for the implementation of this policy and is authorized to remove coaches and redistribute players to ensure that this policy is adhered to if necessary.



Section IV.            Specific Duties for Chairperson of Baseball:


1.      Ensure agreement with County Board of Recreation and Parks on policies to be followed in baseball activities.  Contact Community Supervisor.


2.      Work within the budget.


3.      Make arrangements with Community Supervisor for storage and upkeep of all equipment.


4.      Maintain accurate roster of all participants.


5.      Maintain roster of available medical assistance.


6.      Ensure that First-Aid services and supplies are available.


7.      Attend all scheduled meetings pertaining to Baseball. At this time, the Chairperson (or his representative) shall represent the council on all decisions and will vote for the council.


8.      Initiate the first organizational committee meeting in February and ensure that the final meeting covers requirements in Section I, Item 1.


9.      A volunteer manager will be required for each baseball team and the roster of managers shall be presented at the March council meeting.  These managers and the Chairperson shall constitute the minimum baseball committee.



10.  The Chairperson shall:

                      (a)            Handle all game protests and handle action with the league commissioner.

                       (b)           Be responsible for good sportsmanship on the playing field.


                 11.     The Chairperson and committee shall enforce the following rules:

(a)    Team business shall be conducted with opposing teams in a manner which brings credit to the teams.

(b)   Team affairs shall be run by the team members as long as good organization is maintained.


Section VI            Specific Duties for Chairperson of Ways and Means Committee:


1.      Organize and appoint sub-Chairperson for annual fundraising drives, etc.

2.      Ensure medical supplies and programs are available for all Council programs and activities.

3.      Program coordinator who maintains documentation for Council programs and activities.




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